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​this silk scarf has a world of options, it has 4 different corners and is reversible. ‘patchwork stories’ is a walk down memory lane with a mix of print from the past and brand new prints by rikkemai. this scarf is the designers favorite because of its multipurpose.

Str.: 1 m x 1 m

Pris: 1000 DKK

Tlf. 29 86 46 09

The Stories by Rikkemai universe is the lovechild of artist and designer Rikkemai and is all about creativity and expression. Every creation from her hand is a little piece of art and her ever-growing collections invites you to dive in, explore and be excited, like a never-ending Aladdin’s cave of impressions.

Stories by Rikkemai is a creative playground where new art and design projects will continuously be added – and where co-labs find a new platform.